The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 

Poetry to follow

As I want to write poetry and these past few weeks have brought out the discussion of songs making poetry,  Bob Dylan said of each of Leonard Cohens songs being hymns,we continue to cherish the forms and one which inspired inclusion as a song worth recalling, itself a story of remembrance and also a hymnal I now post a follow up giving my delving into the accounts.

The cargo ship was transporting Taconite, a low-grade iron ore, containing about 27 percent iron and 51 percent silica, found as a hard rock formation in the Lake Superior region.  Therefore there can be no suggestion of it being an unstable cargo and susceptible to spontaneous eruption or explosive action.  Nevertheless during a period after the ‘Peacefire’ here in Belfast – (antagonisms still exist as does class risen separatist politics with a continuum of corruption and duplicity of double agents in the heart of Government) – there was a loud explosion which I was about 100 yds from in Skipper Street, Pilot Street, caused by a very large heap of warehoused grain and it wrecked the building and sounded like a bomb.


This long link will take you to the inquest and retrieval of all evidence concerning its loss on


img_6434  img_6437

It was a staggering demonstration of the force of nature.




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